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AIRNET Disinfectant



Degreaser disinfectant cleaner for air conditioning circuits.

750 ml (BPP) / 5 Ltrs. (GP)

AIRNET® Disinfectant.
It is a cleaning treatment for refrigerators circuits and air conditioning, based on poly alcohols solvents, disinfectants and corrosion inhibitors. Useful for removing all types of stubborn dirt (microorganisms, bacteria, nicotine, grease, fungus, dust, etc.) produced by the passage of air. By its great power of cleaning removes without the need of mechanical stress or aggressive products. Its bactericidal cleaner character ensures that no bad odors proliferate as well as the transmission of possible infections.

Disinfection and cleaning of equipments, interior air conditioning conductors, covers and filters.
Environmental use: Especially suitable for applications in the food industry. Application exclusively by authorized personnel. Commercial and industrial refrigeration, cold stores of fruits and vegetables, cold murals, refrigerated lorries, automotive, industrial cold, drains of circuits, and cold in general (home and communities).

Authorized by the Directorate General of Public Health, Ministry of Health.
Nº Register No: D.G.S.P. 13-20-06719 HA UNE-EN 13697

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Safety data sheet only clients.

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750 ml (BPP) / 5 Ltrs. (GP)
Degreaser disinfectant cleaner.

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