Solvent based degreaser

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Natural ecological degreasing solvent.

10-30-60 Ltrs. (GPB)



Its a solvent product of natural origin, having a high degreasing power specially in stains of oils of mineral origin, greases, including tar.

Degreases leaving a pleasant aroma, contrary to conventional degreasing solvents.
It is one hundred percent biodegradable and will not bioaccumulate in the environment. It is used as a substitute for chlorinated solvents and toxic degreasers.

It is basically used in all those cases a when a good degreasing, cleaning and a good solvent is needed, while respecting the environment, is ideal for:
– The metal industry as a degreaser in machinery, parts, floors, etc…
– For electrical panels, evaporation is slow but total, without leaving any residue.
– For the oiling of internal combustion engines
– In the printing industry for ink cleaning

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Safety data sheet only clients.

Automotion Products, Industry Products


10-30-60 Ltrs. (GPB)
Natural ecological degreasing solvent.

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