In 1994 CH QUIMICA was created in Sabadell. It was inspired and created by Mr. Vicente Chaparro thanks to his extensive experience in the chemical industry. Due to the market needs as a result of the high economic growth of the country, CH QUIMICA found the formula to establish itself as a as a benchmark in the sector. In 1996 due to the growth of the company it moved to its new facilities located in Castellar del Vallés where it currently performs its activities.

In the year 2000 GRUP CH was created, it was composed by CH QUIMICA and PQ VALLES (distribution company), this merger lasted until 2012, year in which it was dissolved to improve and streamline the documentary procedures. As a result of the 20th anniversary of CH QUIMICA, a corporate image update was performed, starting with its logo.

Nowadays CH QUIMICA is expanding its markets worldwide day after day, investing in I+D+IR&D, and its

Welcome to a company that takes care of both its clients and its products.


We are a manufacturing company of chemical products for industrial maintenance, institutional and of service we have the capacity to work both for small and medium enterprises, as well as for large multinationals.

We manufacture and distribute all of our products. Starting with a great effort from our I+D+IR&D, department to improve and to introduce into the market products that are required or requested, resulting in the satisfaction of our customers. In CH QUIMICA we highly appreciate our sector, for this reason we want to achieve and give our best thanks to our team of professionals and the best suppliers. This is how we achieve a high quality product.

Our customers are those persons or entities that need a chemical solution. To access our products there are two options, to contact us directly or to visit some of the agents of our large network of distributors. In addition, we manufacture for other white label third parties.

We do not set limits in reference to geographical area, we can say that we are a company without borders and open to any market, as we are currently exporting and distributing to other countries.

We have the capacity to develop products tailored to the customer or to the market needs, achieving this thanks to our production department with a very competitive quality-price relationship.

In CH QUIMICA We have always wanted to have a win-win contact with all our collaborators to achieve better relations with our clients.


Our goal is to advise and provide chemical solutions to all companies that need it, in all sectors and markets that need it. In this way our challenge is to continue being a leading company and a benchmark as a chemical manufacturer, both in the national as in the international markets.


We are committed to:

Teamwork > We combine ethics and professionalism with enthusiasm and initiative.

Trust > With our team of professionals and with our suppliers we manufacture products of high quality, providing the best service. Currently more than six thousand customers support us.

Transparency > Our commitment is to keep our customers informed of any change in our prices, documents and formulas.

Excellence > Every challenge that we adopt or that is proposed to us we develop it until we achieve it.

Commitment > We are committed to providing solutions for the needs of our customers, offering our best service in information, price and quality.

Innovation > We are attentive to the needs of the market and we develop them jointly with our I+D+I department, including an improvement every day of the already created products.

Sustainability > Our commitment to the environment is the manufacture of sustainable chemicals, that is to say, ecological and biodegradable. In order to be sustainable, we practice a good residue management.

Quality Policy

It is established by the Directorate of CH QUÍMICA, S.L. the implementation of our quality system has its support in UNE-EN- ISO 9001:2015 for the different activities, which is based on:

Customer oriented:

The quality of our products and services is one of the fundamental elements that place our company in a recognized market position.

  • Our products and services must meet the needs and expectations of our customers, as well as the laws and regulations applicable to our products.
  • We must maintain systematic standards control to ensure that all our products are produced as our services performed correctly.
  • We strive to know and understand the needs of our customers to provide products and services consistent with these.


We ensure that all our staff have the necessary capacity and training to successfully perform their functions.

  • We have a professional human team, working together, trained, conscious and motivated to comply with the requirements that allow the achievement of the objectives.

Continuous improvement:

  • We know and understand the capabilities of our suppliers and make sure that they understand, respect and comply with our needs for product, service and logistics.
  • We have the necessary channels to receive suggestions, as well as complaints from our customers, to resolve them, and establish the necessary actions to improve our system and thus avoiding the same in the future, continuously improving the effectiveness of our system and providing top quality for our customers.

The Quality System, which is the responsibility of all, is dictated by the Directorate and has the full support of the same, providing the necessary resources. Its satisfactory compliance is considered the priority objective of CH QUÍMICA. The objective of the company is the improvement of its results and the Directorate sets specific objectives that are evaluated and revised annually.