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CH QUIMICA Investing in innovation and quality

The history of CH Química

The CH QUÍMICA brand was born in 1994 in Sabadell, a town in the Spanish region of Vallès, and inspired and created by Mr. Vicente Chaparro, thanks to his extensive experience in the chemical industry. The country’s great economic growth and the needs of the market helped CH QUÍMICA find the formula to establish itself as a benchmark in the sector. The company continued to grow and, in 1996, it moved to its new facilities, located in Castellar del Vallès, where it currently carries out all of its operations.

At present, CH QUÍMICA continues to grow, expanding its international markets day after day, investing in both R&D and its facilities to continue offering a quality product and service to its customers.

Welcome to a company that looks after both its customers and its products.

Grup CH

GRUP CH was born in 2000, and is made up of CH QUÍMICA and PQ VALLÈS, a distribution company. This merger lasted until 2012, the year in which it was dissolved to improve and streamline the processing of documents.

With the 20th anniversary of the company, it was time to update the corporate image, starting with the logo. This new proposal stemmed from a big commitment to investing in R&D, which allowed the market to expand to the international stage and continue to grow up to now, with clear objectives and a firm philosophy.


At CH QUÍMICA, we develop, manufacture and distribute chemical products for industrial, institutional and service maintenance. Every year, we invest a lot of resources in research in order to innovate and continue offering a high quality product that is capable of responding to the demands of our sector. A sector that we value highly, and for which we and our entire team of professionals work every day to give our best.

In order to access our products, we offer our clients two options: contact us directly, or go to some of the agents in our large distribution network. We also manufacture for third parties with their own brands.

We do not set any geographical limits and, since we are currently exporting and distributing in other countries, we can say that we are a company that has no borders and is open to any market. Our growth is the result of many years of work and the commitment to constant improvement by combining essential values.


Our goal is to provide chemical solutions and advice to all companies that require it, in all sectors and markets that require it. We want to continue being a leading company and manufacturer of chemical products, both in the national and international markets, knowing how to identify the needs of each one and offer a response that adapts to those needs.

We have a great advantage that is also our added value. We are involved in the entire process, from development to manufacturing and distribution, which allows us to have absolute control of product quality and offer an excellent service. We have the ability to customize our products according to the needs of our client, which allows us to offer a very competitive quality-price ratio.

CH QUIMICA we have always wanted to have a win to win contact with all our collaborators to achieve a better deal with our clients.


Our commitment and, ultimately, the core of our company lies in six basic pillars that support our success and have built our history:


We combine ethics and professional rigor with enthusiasm and initiative. Our perseverance and experience in development allow us to overcome all challenges.


Our team of professionals and trusted suppliers work hand in hand to manufacture excellent-quality products that provide a great service, which are currently endorsed by more than six thousand clients.


We are what our clients see. We keep you informed of any changes to our prices, documents and formulas.


Our commitment to the environment lies in the manufacturing of sustainable, biodegradable and ecological chemical products. Our sustainability policy is based on good waste management.


We take care of solving the needs of our clients, offering our best possible service in terms of information, price and quality.


We identify the market need and develop it together with our R&D department, including a daily improvement of the already-created products in order to continue offering the highest guarantee and quality possible.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is established by the CH QUÍMICA S.L. Management team, and its objective is to implement and monitor a UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System for different activities.

The Quality System, which is everyone’s responsibility, is promulgated by the Management team and has its full support. Full and satisfactory compliance with the Quality Policy is considered a priority objective for CH QUÍMICA. In order to improve its results, the Management sets specific objectives that are assessed and reviewed annually, and is also in charge of providing the necessary resources to achieve them.

This quality system is based on three main areas of focus:

Customer focus

The quality of our products and services is one of the key elements behind the placement of our company in a recognized position in the market. These must meet the needs and expectations of our customers, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our manufacturing process.

We must maintain a system and control standards which ensure that all our products and services are made correctly. We focus on knowing and understanding the needs of our clients in order to provide products and services that meet their needs.


Our staff have the necessary skills and training to be able to perform their functions satisfactorily.

We have a large, fully-trained team of people, who are understanding and motivated to meet the established requirements that allow us to achieve the group’s objectives.

Continuous improvement

Our improvement plan consists of knowing and understanding the capabilities of our suppliers and ensuring that, at the same time, our product, service and logistics needs are understood, respected and met.

We have the necessary channels for collecting suggestions, deviations and complaints from our customers, in order to improve our system, our product and service and its effectiveness. By adopting this approach, we can offer total quality to our customers.